Order of Service: September 2, 2018

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17:03 2018 To Whom Shall We Go Rev Dr Abiel Khalema 2:43 2018 Hymn VU 337 Blessed Assurance 1:43 2018 Silvius Leopold Weiss Prelude Andy Cloutier guitar 2:00 2018 Bach Minuet Andy Cloutier guitar

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14:23 2018 When the Baker Becomes the Bread, Rev Dr

Order of Service: August 19, 2017

Click to view Order of Service August 19th-2018 in PDF format —————————————————- Order of Service for Sunday August 19, 2018 Strathroy United Church Thought for the day A wise and discerning mind is more to be desired than great wealth or long life. the ability to distinguish good from evil is more to be sought than earthly power and prestige. Seek the greater gifts and discover God’s blessings. (2Kgs2) We…Keep Reading

Order of Service: August 12, 2018

Click to view Order of Service August 12th-2018 in PDF format   Order of Service for Sunday August 12, 2018  Strathroy United Church    Thought for the day  Even when angry, say only what is helpful to build up the community; speak only what is beneficial to lift up those who listen to what you say. (Eph. 4:29)                        We Gather With God    Welcome and Life and Work of the Church   …Keep Reading

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3:13 2018 Hymn VU 357 Tell Me the Stories of Jesus 2:55 2018 Bach Prelude in D Major Andy Cloutier guitar 2:42 2018 Hymn VU 499 O Christ the Word Incarnate 21:03 2018 What I Found in my Bible, Rev Paul Ross 3:15 2018 Torija, Federico Morena Torroba, Andy Cloutier, guitar 2:21 2018 Hymn VU 343 I Love to Tell the Story 2:58 2018 Hymn VU 660 How Firm a…Keep Reading

Order of Service: August 5th, 2018

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Seven Myths About Summer Worship

Dear members and supporters of Strathroy United Church – I just wanted to shared some thoughts with you about summer worship.  Please send me any of your thoughts and comments or give me a call. Hope summer is being good to you all! Rev. Abiel Strathroy United Church 519-245-0276 Click here to see article 7 Myths  

Baptism: April 29, 2018

Baptism:  April 29, 2018

Winter Garden

“In winter’s cold and sparkling snow, The garden in my mind does grow. I look outside to blinding white, And see my tulips blooming bright. And over there a sweet carnation, Softly scents my imagination. On this cold and freezing day, The Russian sage does gently sway, And miniature roses perfume the air, I can see them blooming there. Though days are short, my vision’s clear. And through the snow,…Keep Reading

Christmas Letter 2017

Christmas Letter 2017

2017 Christmas Letter

Minute for Mission: September 17, 2017