In 1986, Rev Dr Blair Monie was visiting Russia. He was given a few rubles by a elderly woman, who asked him to buy a candle as a symbol of peace for his congregation when he returned to the United States. She explained that many Russian Orthodox women and youth lit candles and prayed for peace between their two nations.

Since then a Peace Candle burns every Sunday in the First Presbyterian Church in York, Pennsylvania. Visitors to the church receive a Peace Candle to take back to their home congregations, with the story and a commitment to pray for peace. Over the years these candles have traveled around the world, until, in 2002, one arrived at Strathroy United, via Siloam United.

We received our Peace Candle in memory of John Blackwell, from Siloam, his former Church.

Visitors to Strathroy United are invited to take a candle and its story back to their home congregations as a gift from this church, and our members are invited to take one with them to present to a church that they will be visiting. On receiving a Peace Candle many congregations begin offering their own candles to visitors.

Please fill out the record sheet, just to remind us of where our candles are traveling to.