Last Collection for CAN THE DEFICIT 2018 Collection for CAN THE DEFICIT 2018


Thank you to all who have supported the Aluminum Can Collection over the years.

 Due to the age of those working on the cans, the amount of work required, the low cost of aluminum and fewer cans coming in, it has been decided to discontinue with the can collection.

This has been a fundraiser for many years for our church, and we thank those who have dedicated their time and  energy to the collection, sorting, loading and driving the cans to the recycle facility for so many years.

Thank you Dorothy Ferguson for the storage facility over these past years. It has garnered thousands of dollars for our church’s General Fund. Final pick up will be Sept. 24. The Dog Pen is up for sale.

Please speak to Shirley Aerts or anyone on Property Team if this interests you.

It has been requested to donate future cans to the Boy Scouts. Thank you all.