Children’s Worship’s Worship
Strathroy United Church is pleased to offer Children’s Worship for all children in grades JK- 6 every Sunday during the months of September to the end of May.
The theme for Fall 2018 is God’s Family.
There are some special Sundays where the children will remain with their parents during the Church service. We also offer a Youth program for children in grades 7-8. The children start their day with their parents and remain until the minister or a member of the congregation leads them in a children’s time followed by a children’s hymn. They then leave with their teacher at approximately 10:15 am to attend Sunday School.
They remain in their classroom until the Church service is complete at 11:00am when the parents meet them in their room or at a predetermined location.
We request parents to complete a registration form early in the year ( September), which their children will bring home to you, and you are asked return this form to their teacher or the church office just inside the church’s back door. If the secretary is out of her office, please drop the form in the lock box just inside the left side of the back door.  Children’s Worship Registration Form attached in pdf format
We look forward to welcoming both you and your child(ren) to our Children’s Worship.