Response to COVID-19 at Strathroy United Church

Dear friends,

This week the United Church’s General Council office asked congregations to respond to coronavirus health concerns with compassion, prevention, and prayer. Strathroy United Church’s Council Executive is monitoring these health concerns, recognizing the worries parishioners may have about illness.

Towards prevention, we’ve decided to make the following temporary alterations to Sunday worship. Rather than fan the flames of fear, these preventative measures balance our need for safety and gathering for worship and fellowship.

  • Our Sunday worship and midweek events will continue. For people concerned about attending public worship, portions of our service are posted online early in the week. You can find links to these video clips on our Facebook page.
  • We will not schedule any communion services during the coronavirus outbreak.
  • Our Sunday greeters and “passing the peace” will refrain from shaking hands. You’ll still receive a warm welcome and a smile.
  • Our offering will be adjusted to eliminate the passing of the collection plates to each other. Instead, ushers will keep hold of the collection plates to limit the number of people who touch it.

As events unfold, we may need to make other changes as necessary. For now, we believe these precautions are prudent, and we encourage you to use your best judgment regarding your own health. Thank you for your patience, and keep one another in your prayers as always.

Yours faithfully,

Rev. Dr. Brad Morrison