Pandemic Response Team: April 17, 2020

Greetings All,

As you are all aware, our Pandemic Response Team continues to collect food and monetary donations for our local food bank.  As well, a sewing initiative was undertaken last week and we have about seven ladies who have been (or are) sewing diligently.  To date, their efforts have produced about 45 laundry bags, 10 scrub caps, and 30 non-medical face masks.

The laundry bags and scrub caps are being distributed to healthcare workers in our community.  We hope these items are making their lives a little easier and brighter as they confront the possibility of the COVID-19 virus on each and every shift.

The non-medical face masks do not meet the criteria for PPE (personal protective equipment) and therefore cannot be distributed to healthcare staff for work purposes.  Instead, they are for distribution among our church community.  If you would like a non-medical face mask, please contact Brenda Bourdeau at 519.282.9441 or email

Check out the use of non-medical face masks on the Government of Canada website.

Thanks for your ongoing support and being a great community of faith.

Yours faithfully,

The Pandemic Response Team