Pastoral Letter: May 1, 2020

Dear friends,

We are ready for Communion. This Sunday morning we’ll celebrate the sacrament of Communion from our homes. I invite you to join our Zoom conference call (see below for computer and telephone options) on Sunday.

The United Church permits online Communion only if we do it live. We need to be on Zoom together, at the same time, when we break bread.

Here’s how online communion works. You provide the bread and grape juice. If you don’t have bread available, a cracker or any food item is acceptable. If you don’t have grape juice (or wine, if you prefer), then milk or any drink is acceptable (or grapes). The symbolism is important: food and drink that sustains the body.

During the online communion service, you’ll be invited to eat your bread and drink your juice. Children are welcome, as always.

The Zoom chat room opens at 9:30am, and Communion starts at 10am. Here’s the agenda:
— 9:30am – 9:50am : informal fellowship (chat with others as people log in)
— 9:50am – 10:00am : group discussion of worship video
— 10:00am – 10:10am : Communion service
— 10:10am – 10:30am : informal fellowship (more chat while people log off)

During the 10 minute group discussion, I’ll unmute the individual speaker’s microphone if you have a comment or question about the recorded worship video (posted each Saturday on Facebook or dial-a-sermon).

During the 10 minute Communion service, all microphones are muted. I’ll give a brief Great Prayer of Thanksgiving, Andy will play instrumentally, and we’ll eat our bread and drink our juice together.

We need sacred moments to break into these strange and difficult times. We need to be together, reminding ourselves that we belong to this faith community. We need to remind our children that they belong. Please join us Sunday morning as we practise being the church at worship.

Yours faithfully,
Rev. Dr. Brad Morrison

Zoom computer access (Wednesday and Sunday)

Or Zoom telephone access: Dial: 1 (647) 558-0588
–Meeting ID: 780-643-9540

Worship videos:

Or Dial-a-Sermon: (365) 656-0276
— note: this is a long distance call, so you’ll need a Canada-wide calling plan