Pastoral Letter: May 15, 2020

Dear friends,

As politicians and businesses plan the first phase of reopening workplaces and the economy, we know it is too soon to reopen churches for programs and worship. The United Church does not support the petition being pushed by some Ontario pastors asking the Premier to accelerate the reopening of church buildings. I will go on the record here to oppose the initiative, which I see as irresponsible and unnecessarily impatient.

I am grateful for the calm and measured response our congregation has taken to place safety and the common good ahead of our desire to gather in person for fellowship and worship. I am grateful that so many people in the congregation and the community have adapted during the pandemic to practising our faith at home using weekly videos for worship and Zoom meetings for Sunday fellowship.

I will take May 18-24 for study leave, but I’ve prepared a worship video for May 24th, which will be posted as usual on Facebook that weekend. Tina Zimmerman will host the Sunday morning Zoom gathering on May 24th. I can respond to pastoral emergencies and funerals that may arise. The Wednesday morning Bible study will resume when I return.

My study leave’s focus will be church growth by encouraging and equipping parishioners to invite and integrate new member into the congregation. You can build our collective capacity for church growth by continuing to nurture your own congregational involvement and spirituality. Set aside time weekly for God, using the worship video (or Dial-a-Sermon) and joining the Sunday Zoom fellowship (see below). Spirituality is a habit not an accident, even during a pandemic.

I’ll see you again after next week. Until then, keep safe and strong.

Yours faithfully,
Rev. Dr. Brad Morrison

Zoom computer access (Wednesday and Sunday)

Or Zoom telephone access: Dial: 1 (647) 558-0588
–Meeting ID: 780-643-9540

Worship videos:

Or Dial-a-Sermon: (365) 656-0276
— note: this is a long distance call, so you’ll need a Canada-wide calling plan