Pastoral Letter: September 4, 2020 Letter: September 4, 2020
Pastoral Letter
September is Coming
Dear friends,

September is upon us, and we’re getting busy! This Sunday is Baptism, and we hope you can attend this outdoor service.

Don’t forget our pen pal program. We need you to volunteer as a pen pal for one of our congregation’s children. See below this letter for the original invitation.

Wednesday Bible study resumes September 9th @ 10:30am. All are welcome. See the Zoom information below.

We plan our return to sanctuary worship for Sunday, September 20th. Some people are eager to return. Some people are discouraged by the safety and screening protocols. Some people are unable to attend indoor worship at this time.

If you haven’t already completed the survey, please click on the following survey answer to help us measure how many people are planning to return to worship in the fall.

Are you likely to attend worship in the sanctuary?

Yes      No

Yours faithfully,
Rev. Dr. Brad Morrison

Zoom computer access (Wednesday and Sunday)

Or Zoom telephone access: Dial: 1 (647) 558-0588
–Meeting ID: 780-643-9540

We need pen pals to keep our kids connected to Strathroy United Church.

Our children need your help! The pandemic has kept everyone from Sunday worship, including our children and youth. When children return to school in September, many children may avoid Sunday worship and other community activities to reduce exposure.

Letter writing is a simple way to keep our congregation’s children connected.

Did you grow up with letter writing? Do you remember the thrill of receiving a handwritten letter in the mail? We need you to volunteer to be a pen pal, connecting our intergenerational church family during the pandemic.

Pen Pal Commitment. As a Pen Pal, you commit to write a letter at least monthly for a year to one child. Brad will consult with you to select a pen pal partner. You provide your own stationary and stamps, and you include a stamped return envelope with each letter to encourage your child to write back. You commit to the cost of stationary ($20) and stamps ($24) for monthly letters for a year (or more if you write more frequently). Brad will provide you with letter writing resources and ideas.

Letters are a great way to pass along life wisdom, including stories, recipes, pictures, and encouragement. Most importantly, as a pen pal you help the congregation keep our promises made to these children at baptism, that we will support and nurture them in the faith.

Please contact Patti Baratta to volunteer (519-245-0276 or Thank you for considering this invitation.